Learn about the current Voice Tech Market and the European and French limitations regarding AI applied to voice. Privacy and sovereignty challenges will be discussed, as well as how to foster related research.

Laurence Devillers (Professor of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne University/ CNRS)
Karel Bourgois (CEO Voxist & co-founder Le Voice Lab)
Thomas DUFERMONT (Marketing Manager DYDU & member Le Voice Lab)
Yann Lechelle (COO SNIPS & co-founder Le Voice Lab)
Katya Lainé (CEO Kwalys & co-founder Le Voice Lab)

How to improve the impact of visual communication thanks to AI on the image (computer vision)?
– In a world saturated with content, capturing the attention of audiences is a challenge for brands.
– Computer vision makes it possible to decipher the codes of visual engagement and to develop impactful and effective visual content strategies.
– Scoring, predicting and increasing the performance of visual content is now possible with AI on the image.

Arnaud Caplier (founder TheContillery)

A project of computer vision on medical imaging to analyse the structure of different types of lymphoma and define whether a lymphoma is cancerous or not. The project objective is to develop an algorithm that could help the research on cancer by detecting micro patterns never seen through the human eye and eventually become a help to the practician.

Speakers: Microsoft, Lysarc (organisation dedicated to clinical research on lymphoma), Artefact

How Google Cloud and Carrefour cooperate to fuel Carrefour AI lab : Key steps to build an IA Lab 4 AI Lab use cases and results Long term objectives of the AI lab and Carrefour vision on ‘IA

Speakers: Elina Ashkinazi-Ildis (Carrefour AI Lab Director) Brune de Linares (Google Cloud Account Manager) Paul Essig (Artefact, Manager)

Strategy: how to automate call centers with AI (audit, need and performance analysis, recommandations), Inbound call prequalification (enriched client profile and agent matching), Intelligent routing (AI-powered IVRs), Customer self-service (call bots)

Speakers : Cyril FEKETE (Partner Artefact) Hanania OUAZAN (Lead Data Scientist Artefact) Justine NERCE (Consulting Manager Artefact) Paul DE BALINCOURT (Data Consultant Artefact)

Speaker: Romain Lerallut (Engineering Director, Criteo)

Explainability is a major issue in the deployment of AIs on a large scale. Beyond black boxes, AI needs to be explained to all the stakeholders (employees, customers…) to have business impact.

Speakers: Antoin Buhl (CTO D-Edge) Yannick Martel (Bleckwen) Caroline Chopinaud (craft ai) David Sadek (Thales)

“Future of work” is promised to change significantly with the arrival of artificial intelligence. Assistance to decision making takes on a new dimension with professional virtual assistants (whether textual, vocal or via interfaces, they become “omniscient”) who accompany / suggest / recommend / help / prepare the work of collaborators and are  able to learn from their experience in working and improving each other.

Speakers : Moderator : Eric Dadian (President AFRC) Cédric Mora (Product / Marketing Manager Blue DME) Christophe Bourguignat (President Zelros) Philippe Garnier (President Emvista) Laurent Pantanacce (COO xBrain) . Wafae Ed Daqc (Project Manager QualiOne)


Getting here:
Palais de Tokyo
13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris

Door Opening: 1:30 PM
Start: 2 PM
End: 11 PM

Metro: Iéna or Alma Marceau (line 9)

Bus: lines n°32,42,63,72,80,82,92

RER: line C (“Pont de l’Alma” station)