What’s new & what stays the same


The first edition of AI Night, which took place on February 8th, 2018, was perceived as a unique and innovative event by the market – an unprecedented occasion to meet and interact with all AI enthusiasts:

  • Corporate C-levels who already understood AI’s potential,
  • Startup founders and lab researchers, CTOs and data engineers who focus on enabling and encouraging innovation and the development of AI projects,
  • Politicians who support the growth of their nation or region through the development of new technologies.

The quality of the speakers and the programme were the main focus of last year’s event and has been very positively perceived by all. Considering the resonating success of this first edition, Artefact, France Digitale and Startup Inside have decided to organize a second event: the European AI Night will take place on April 18th, 2019. With an even more advanced concept – designed to bring true key learnings to global companies – the European AI Night is committed to maintain the high level of content that made the previous edition such a success.

What to expect in 2019?

A European magnitude

The European AI Night will welcome 2,000 decision-makers from the 27 member countries, including the European Commission’s group of experts and the leading European players in the field: Barry O’Sullivan (Cork College University), Gemma Garriga (World AI Director, Allianz), Andreas Liebl (UnternehmerTUM, Building European AI initiative), Cécile Wendling (AXA, AI High Level Expert Group), Stéphan Brunessaux (Airbus, AIHLEG), Patrick Gatellier (R&D Thalès) and Laurence Lafont (COO Microsoft).

The evening leading up to European AI Night, April 17th, 2019, a private dinner at the Quai d’Orsay will host prominent figures of the European community who will be speaking during the conferences.

Scheduled just a few weeks before the European Parliament elections, European AI Night aims to develop Europe’s AI ecosystem through compelling solutions. Our firm conviction is that National initiatives are not enough to be competitive with China and the U.S. The goal is to federate European AI community resources by joining countries and actors – including startups, global companies, research centers, etc. – into a single entity.

The launching event for the AI4EU consortium

The European AI Night will be the launching event for the AI4EU consortium (European Artificial Intelligence Project). AI4EU brings together 79 public and private sector partners from 21 countries. The €20m project is funded by the European Commission and will run for the next three years. It aims to create a landmark platform of resources to facilitate collective work in AI research and business in Europe. The platform is designed to provide access to certified AI algorithms and high-power computing and data repositories, which are vital for developing and producing AI applications.

Unprecedented experiences

The European AI Night will also be a forum for demonstrations. In addition to talks, the event will immerse its 2,000 attendees in AI applications. For the first time in Europe, visitors can gain access to an event via a facial recognition system, developed by the Artefact R&D center. Visitors can sign up for the event simply by providing their name and a link to a photo; they will be identified upon arrival and given a pass with their name on it.

The European AI Night is organized by Artefact, Europe’s leader in data transformation consulting, France Digitale, a leading group of startups in Europe with 1,400 members, and Startup Inside, a group specialized in accompanying the development of start-ups in new technologies.


Getting here:
Palais de Tokyo
13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris

Door Opening: 1:30 PM
Start: 2 PM
End: 11 PM

Metro: Iéna or Alma Marceau (line 9)

Bus: lines n°32,42,63,72,80,82,92

RER: line C (“Pont de l’Alma” station)